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Back to stuff Bey and Dennys. Don’t mention the ears. He has a complex. 2:00pm Wednesday 30th March 2016

A thing about donkeys

As mentioned, I spent Easter weekend in Spain largely eating manchego and also drinking so much wine I practically turned into a wine.

I hung out with my new pals too, called Dennys and Bey. They are two ‘guard’ donkeys which my dad and step-mother have bought to fend off potential burglars. Apparently they have quite strange, donkey-phobic burglars in Catalunya…

Important to walk your donkey on Easter weekend

Important to walk your donkey on Easter weekend


When I wasn’t walking the donkeys I was telling my brother to put suncream on his head.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 13.58.55

My team.


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