Sophia Money-Coutts

Back to stuff 1:13pm Monday 27th July 2015

In the September issue of Tatler…

You mustn’t blow your own trumpet and all that but the issue’s out this week and there’s an ACTUAL embarrassment of riches in it…

A look at Prince Harry’s current love life, an investigation into children’s parties (supposedly one recent party at the Dorchester had two separate anetrooms for nannies – one for European nannies, one for Filipina nannies), something mad I’ve written about how you must own a peacock, an interview with the Queen of the Chipping Norton set, a gripping read on the mystery of the Dellal millions and the court case slanging its way through the High Court AND something else Robert Crampton’s written about the mysteries of the male libido. Plus loads of other stuff.

Basically, there’s something for everyone so it’s excellent reading if you’re lolling beside the pool in Capri OR about to fly up to Inverness to crouch on some miserably cold bit of moor.

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