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Back to stuff 8:23pm Monday 29th June 2015

My mother, the practical arachnophobe

Here is my mother’s defence line against any spiders silly enough to try and advance into her bedroom. Apparently she found a video on the Guardian website demonstrating the repellent properties of a lemon, so immediately rifled through her fruit bowl for protection. In the winter, she uses conkers instead – a line of them strung along the windowsill like little soldiers.

Also in her spider arsenal is a bottle of spray from Lakeland called ‘Spider Stopper.’ But as it has a *terrifying* cartoon of a spider on the bottle, she’s covered it up with packing tape.

2015-06-29 20.13.54_resized

I have just asked Mum to email me the link for the Guardian video so I can enlighten other arachnophobes with it. She duly sent me the link (HERE you go), having written in the subject line: ‘Not even going to say the word.’  The word, obviously, being the ‘s’ word.

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