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5 July 2016
Nevermind the Labour Party. LOOK what we’ve got in the office.
4 July 2016
Quite suspicious all this resigning at the start of the summer holidays, isn’t it?
4 July 2016
When I did my Duke of Edinburgh (bronze) with my friend @cdyott and various others aged 16, we walked for circa 12 minutes before sitting down and eating all our sandwiches, then we got lost in the Chilterns and had to call our school priest to rescue us. So it’s good that, 15 years on, I am with @cdyott in the Peak District and we had to get this map out within four minutes of setting off for a walk today.
2 July 2016

A thing about being in the new Ab Fab film

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28 June 2016

A thing about being ashamed

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28 June 2016
Journalist flatmate and I both sitting at kitchen table writing. ‘One of us should be writing something intelligent about Brexit,’ she says. But no. She’s writing about whether loose dresses or tight dresses are more flattering. I’m writing a sex scene. Life must go on, I suppose.
27 June 2016
‘I’ve never seen a shabbier looking human. Is he even alive?’ The Tatler office verdict on Osborne.
27 June 2016
26 June 2016
At a wedding in Oxfordshire. It is a JUNGLE outside London, guys.
25 June 2016
Go into local wine shop. Wine man saying suppliers are already emailing about price hikes. So I know we’re nervous about jobs but it’s not looking good on the cotes de provence rose front either…
24 June 2016

A thing about the referendum result

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24 June 2016
Presumably the streets are already full of whistling milkmen, singing chimney sweeps and everyone is wearing a hat, right? Oh…
24 June 2016
‘Guys, what do I take as a starter to a referendum dinner party tonight?’ So the sound of tumbrils remains as distant as ever from Vogue House
23 June 2016
Such larks at the #vandasummerparty. I am making that face because @tibbsj just touched my bottom. Look how pleased she is.
23 June 2016
Aaah, I love the smell of a polling booth in the morning.
23 June 2016
Did anyone else fancy one of the (cartoon) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Big talking point in the @TatlerUK office this afternoon. I liked the one with the blue headband. Leonardo. As did another colleague because, according to her, ‘he had a more grown-up character’.
21 June 2016

A thing about my French weekend

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20 June 2016
If it helps anyone out on Thursday, in France this weekend I learned that when a woman gets her period they say ‘the English have landed.’ It’s to do with Napoleon and the Redcoats apparently. So that’s my contribution to the debate today.
20 June 2016

My Corfu piece

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14 June 2016

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