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Always a good, calming idea to decide that what you really need to do at 10.58pm is hunt your flat for your fairly small bike lights.
26 September 2016

A thing I learned in Sicily

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26 September 2016

A thing about not getting pregnant

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15 September 2016
I love this: Beau Brummell left the army when his regiment was sent north. “I really could not go – think Your Royal Highness, Manchester!’
15 September 2016
Restaurants in Palermo, anyone? I don’t mind if the mafia go there. I know how to handle them because I’ve seen all 3 parts of the Godfather.
14 September 2016
Just nearly sent an email using ‘our’ when I meant ‘are’ and genuinely felt a spike of adrenalin when I spotted it. So no drugs for me, thanks, I get my kicks from proofreading my own emails these days.
12 September 2016

A thing about mountains

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11 September 2016
HA. Check in online, refuse to pay four million pounds for ‘allocated seating’. Get given an aisle seat anyway. In your FACE, Ryanair.
2 September 2016
I mean have you ever seen anything more cheerful in your life?
2 September 2016

A thing about being on my deathbed

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31 August 2016
If everyone could remember the practice/practise rule when filing copy I estimate that I would be 72 per cent happier.
25 August 2016
I sincerely hope all Americans who visit Notting Hill go home and tell people about our traditional British pubs.
23 August 2016

Various things

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23 August 2016
Undignified incident between me & some teenage lads on Boris bikes in Hyde Park today Me: Learn to ride a bike Lads: Shut up Me: You shut up
23 August 2016

A thing about facial hair

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17 August 2016

Current status of the @TatlerUK office: old English sheepdog puppies behind a velvet rope.

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17 August 2016

A thing about Olympic diving

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11 August 2016
Many emails about the Duke of Westminster this morning so looks like the rise of the proletariat may still be some time in this country. Unless the death of a duke and the subsequent media clamouring was one of Marx’s stages of history. Can’t remember.
10 August 2016

A thing about an exceptional play

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10 August 2016
RE Jamie Oliver, I saw my mum in labour with my little brother but Ally McBeal was on telly in the ward and I decided I’d rather watch that. Also I was exactly Daisy Boo’s age (13), and apart from the fact I still hear my mum’s screams in my head at night it didn’t scar me at all.
9 August 2016

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