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24 July 2016
Guardian. Not the Daily Mash. #Friday
22 July 2016
To anyone who insists on calling it ‘annual leave’, it’s actually ‘holiday’, you great turnip.
21 July 2016
Breaking: I can reveal that Pippa Middleton’s fiance James went to school at Uppingham, not Eton.
20 July 2016
‘You’ve been a very good girl, I can tell,’ said the bearded man in a vest at the Harrods Christmas launch.
20 July 2016
Phone call from 5 live: ‘Hi Sophia. So you’re a former advisor to Ed Miliband?’ Me: ‘Oh I’m so touched but actually I work at Tatler.’
20 July 2016

A thing about being on Radio 4

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19 July 2016

A thing about another hen party

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18 July 2016
I showed early political nous aged five when Thatcher left Downing Street and went round telling everyone she was off to have a baby, because that was why female teachers at school always left. So I know it’s been a shit show recently but, on the other hand, #WOMEN
13 July 2016
Everyone in co-op buying beer for football. I’m buying a box of Special K and punnet of blueberries. ‘You watching the game?’ says man behind till. ‘Nope. I’m watching Pride and Prejudice,’ I say. ‘The BBC version.’ Man behind till looks sad.
10 July 2016
Went to a hobbit themed party last night. According to Tolkien, hobbits are 3ft6 on average, so I’m slightly letting the side down there. But they eat six times a day which is much more my vibe.
10 July 2016
Went to a party last night where one girl was introduced to another and said ‘Oh hi. I think my granny is dating your grandfather.’ They live in an old people’s home in Hampshire. The grandmother’s 90, the grandfather’s 85. SO joyful.
10 July 2016
Andrea Leadsom has the air of a woman who should be working in the bra department of John Lewis.
7 July 2016

A thing about a bruise

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7 July 2016
Have you ever seen a sillier wig? In the new Tatler I interview three tres charming French brothers at their chateau, where there’s a portrait of this well-coiffed frog.
6 July 2016
Yesyesyesyesyesyes #dailymash
5 July 2016
Nevermind the Labour Party. LOOK what we’ve got in the office.
4 July 2016
Quite suspicious all this resigning at the start of the summer holidays, isn’t it?
4 July 2016
When I did my Duke of Edinburgh (bronze) with my friend @cdyott and various others aged 16, we walked for circa 12 minutes before sitting down and eating all our sandwiches, then we got lost in the Chilterns and had to call our school priest to rescue us. So it’s good that, 15 years on, I am with @cdyott in the Peak District and we had to get this map out within four minutes of setting off for a walk today.
2 July 2016

A thing about being in the new Ab Fab film

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28 June 2016

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