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My Telegraph piece about Christmas

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24 December 2017

This weekend’s column

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17 December 2017
Good morning! It’s -0.5 degrees in Petworth and I’m helping Mum on her marmalade stall! Come and get your Christmas supplies, excellent for stockings etc etc. SIX DIFFERENT FLAVOURS. Ho ho ho.
16 December 2017
For reasons I do not wish to go into I’ve just realised there is a magazine called Your Chickens and, well, LOOK at its December cover
14 December 2017

Last weekend’s column

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14 December 2017
‘Have you come far?’
13 December 2017

This week’s Spectator podcast…

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7 December 2017

This weekend’s column and news about my book

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4 December 2017

A piece I’ve written for the Spectator and an update on freelance life

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30 November 2017

An old Tatler piece about British men falling for American women

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28 November 2017
Hi everyone look how happy I am about the Prince Harry news
27 November 2017

A Mail piece in which I grumble about WhatsApp groups

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27 November 2017

This week’s column

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26 November 2017
Day three of final book edits: writing in a cafe which contains me and eight babies. Listening to ‘neo-folk’ bagpipers on Spotify to silence them. Don’t suppose Tolstoy ever had to put up with this.
22 November 2017
The BEST day at Twickenham yesterday even though I’m still not sure how many points you get for a try or why it’s called a try and not a goal. Less good for the Australians. @hmillward and I had excellent seats so we could see they were not only damp but also quite cross because they *did* think that ball touched the line. Or something like that. Again I was a bit lost but I liked the two beef pies afterwards very much
19 November 2017

Today’s Sunday Telegraph column: goodbyes

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19 November 2017
Have developed an obsession with buying second-hand books with scribblings in the front of them because then you know someone else has loved them first. Steve sounds a sweet chap, doesn’t he? Even if he is a bit late with his presents.
16 November 2017
My wonderful, extraordinary friend @laurasophiafreeman has written a book about how she recovered from anorexia through her love of reading. From bread and blackberries in Virginia Woolf to eggs and cocoa in Sassoon and bubble-and-squeak in The Wind in the Willows. I’ve got to page two and am already crying. Out in Feb.
15 November 2017

This week’s Sunday Telegraph column: how to wear ‘athleisure’

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12 November 2017

Last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph column

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9 November 2017

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