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Like some kind of actual moron, I offered to cook a gluten-free pudding for a friend tonight. suggestions? Needs to be more complicated than an apple, but less complicated than an Ottolenghi recipe which calls for almond flour and wing of bat.
10 March 2015

On location with the MAGNIFICENT Amelia Troubridge

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9 March 2015

One for the album

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6 March 2015

Sloanes piece for ES mag

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5 March 2015
Sibling selfie
4 March 2015
I am going to miami and I know nothing about it apart from the fact they quite like dolphins there. where should I stay?
4 March 2015

Hey look, it’s back!

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3 March 2015

APRIL TATLER features the bloody ravishing Petra Palumbo, a piece I wrote about the new wave of American heiresses and pictures of toffs in the bath. Splish, splash, posh…

3 March 2015

I’m commmmmminggggggg…

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2 March 2015
Happy St David’s Day from my local funeral parlour
1 March 2015

Sticky business

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28 February 2015
It’s SO spring-like I want to shave my legs for the first time in 8292 months and go for a bare-legged gambol in hyde park.
27 February 2015
Hang on the dress was white and gold & now it’s blue and black, but I ate a muffin in between so does it depend on if you’ve had breakfast?
27 February 2015
And for his next role…weird that I quite fancy Eddie Redmayne as a woman?
27 February 2015

Ziggy Stardust make-up, kind of

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26 February 2015
Can MORON car drivers look in their wing mirrors before flinging open their doors. Knee is size of a pissing grapefruit. Love, all cyclists.
26 February 2015

A lightbulb moment

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23 February 2015

Birthday lolz

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22 February 2015
Narcissus the peacock
17 February 2015
Me to Ben and Jerry’s man at cinema: ‘Please can I have a scoop of ‘Satisfy My Bowl?’ In no way embarrassing.
15 February 2015

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