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Book club…

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16 April 2015

Out of office

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15 April 2015

Things not to think about during sex

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14 April 2015

Made in Chelsea blog, Series 9, Episode 1

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14 April 2015
EXCITED about the opening of the Ivy on the king’s road tonight in what was Henry J Beans, where I was once sick in a flower bed (aged 15)
14 April 2015

A very English wedding

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12 April 2015
Wake up. Can’t find razor. Run to co-op to buy only razors they have. Come into work with legs looking like I’ve just returned from war.
10 April 2015

A terrific letter in this week’s Spectator…

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9 April 2015

A further chicken update from my mum

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9 April 2015
If I see one more slightly shit picture of blossom on instagram I am going to commit murder.
8 April 2015
EXCEPTIONALLY cheerful news
7 April 2015
THRILLING news to cheer us all up post bank holiday. Made in Chelsea is back next Monday and I’m blogging about it on @TatlerUK
7 April 2015
7 April 2015
Here I am on Easter day with two girlfriends. We got so drunk we all burned and our faces started peeling on the flight back. Unholy.
6 April 2015


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2 April 2015
You will NEVER guess who’s written about posh s&m in the new issue… There are pictures and everything.
30 March 2015

A bit of Easter suffering

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30 March 2015

Dietary requirements: a reply

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23 March 2015

‘There was a young lady from Ealing, who had a peculiar feeling, she lay on her back…’

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22 March 2015
My friend Michaelangelo couldn’t find a cravat for tonight so he bought a pair of size 18 knickers from M&S and tucked them into his shirt instead.
21 March 2015

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