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A quiet Friday night

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14 February 2015

Roses are red, violets are blue, I absolutely promise, I won’t behead YOU

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13 February 2015
In the pub cheating on @geoffreyplumptre with Nigel
12 February 2015
9 February 2015

Horsing around

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8 February 2015
Have now been in homebase for so long am contemplating a comedy loo seat
7 February 2015

House porn…

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4 February 2015
Can you have sex with a man who wears velvet slippers??? All the big questions this month #Tatler
2 February 2015

Matthew Off The Telly and I go flower arranging

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30 January 2015
GUYS, if you’re ever in Llandudno and peckish then seek out the @SeahorseBistro for scallops the size of a baby’s fist.
26 January 2015
Doing a bit of slate mining #Wales
26 January 2015
I am 29 and yet have already started travelling with my own alarm clock
26 January 2015

Just hanging out on Channel 5

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25 January 2015


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22 January 2015
The trouble is I’m still not sure whether it’s pila-teas or pila-tays. #pilots
17 January 2015

This week…

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16 January 2015
Email from PR about an app. ‘Dear Sophia, is it too late to wish you an ‘appy new year?’ Unacceptable on many levels.
15 January 2015
Holly had a big weekend
12 January 2015
THIN END OF THE WEDGE. RT @standardnews The US owners of Cadbury have changed the Creme Egg chocolate!
12 January 2015
Here, in this month’s #Tatler, is London’s most brilliant party planner sitting in an egg and talking about wanking @cultofg
12 January 2015

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