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Thanks, Hunter, for my new hat. I am going to throw the towel in at Tatler immediately and become a bank robber.
20 November 2014

An evening with this chap

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20 November 2014

When I went to the Spectator cigar awards with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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18 November 2014

‘Why DO posh girls have a reputation for being dim?’ A hard-hitting piece from the Mail asks all the big questions.

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16 November 2014

When my friend Emma got married and I spilled curry down my bridesmaid’s dress

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15 November 2014
Sit on Father Christmas’s face!
14 November 2014
Wonderful news that 5 million have seen the poppies but the maths is wrong as I’ve seen roughly double that number of Instagram pictures
11 November 2014

This is one of the publicity photos for the BBC show. It is deranged.

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10 November 2014
9 November 2014
9 November 2014

Tatler’s Little Black Book party

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9 November 2014
Loving Frozen…
8 November 2014
You know what’s fun on a hangover? Standing in john lewis & wondering which doll to get my two-year-old goddaughter
7 November 2014
Hang on. Is the Benedict Cumberbatch who’s announced his engagement in the Times the same one who often grumbles about being called posh?
5 November 2014
The staff in the earls court starbucks are wearing sequined father christmas hats. They look sad.
4 November 2014
1 November 2014

My brother, the wizard

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1 November 2014

A look back at glamorous Princess Margaret…Tatler December 2014

1 November 2014
I spared no expense in this year’s Halloween competiton at Tatler
31 October 2014
There is a man driving through Chelsea in a Bentley with the roof down despite weather. Dedication to the cause of looking like a pillock.
29 October 2014

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