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9 November 2014
9 November 2014

Tatler’s Little Black Book party

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9 November 2014
Loving Frozen…
8 November 2014
You know what’s fun on a hangover? Standing in john lewis & wondering which doll to get my two-year-old goddaughter
7 November 2014
Hang on. Is the Benedict Cumberbatch who’s announced his engagement in the Times the same one who often grumbles about being called posh?
5 November 2014
The staff in the earls court starbucks are wearing sequined father christmas hats. They look sad.
4 November 2014
1 November 2014

My brother, the wizard

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1 November 2014

A look back at glamorous Princess Margaret…Tatler December 2014

1 November 2014
I spared no expense in this year’s Halloween competiton at Tatler
31 October 2014
There is a man driving through Chelsea in a Bentley with the roof down despite weather. Dedication to the cause of looking like a pillock.
29 October 2014

My third and final marathon. Maybe.

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26 October 2014

Pippa Middleton goes shooting…a piece I wrote for the Sunday Times Style mag last year

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20 October 2014
A cartoon spider – the only acceptable sort
15 October 2014
Very much enjoying the fact that all Vogue House staff having a flu jab today get a free lollipop.
14 October 2014


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9 October 2014

The most eligible man in Britain, from Tatler’s November issue

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4 October 2014
Hyde Park is BLOODY brilliant, isn’t it?
3 October 2014

Tatler Geoffrey in miniature, from the November 2014 issue

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3 October 2014

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