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Back to stuff 12:45pm Sunday 17th December 2017

This weekend’s column

LOOK how efficient I’m being. It’s 12.44pm on Sunday and I’m putting my column up now instead of four days later like usual. What a festive treat for you all. Read it HERE.

Two other things about Sandringham:

  1. When it was announced that Kate and William were shifting to Anmer in Norfolk some years ago, I was sent up there for a Tatler piece on what the locals etc thought about it. And when I asked one crusty old toff about Sandringham he thundered: ‘Ugliest house in Britain.’ So I’ve included a picture of a snowy Sandringham for you to judge yourself. I *think* I’ve seen worse, but each to their own.
  2. When I actually went round Sandringham on the same visit, I was standing in one of the drawing rooms when my eye fell upon a cushion. ‘Good shots never grow old, they just pick up less birds,’ it said. Let’s not dwell on the grammatical problem with that sentence. The point is, standing there, in Sandringham, I sniggered. Whereupon a hovering member of staff remarked: ‘Prince Harry gave that to the Duke of Edinburgh for Christmas one year.’ And I have chuckled about this ever since. (I don’t get out much etc etc etc.)

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