Being a heat slob. And my You mag piece.

Bad timing for my column (read it HERE) on being a heat slob given that it hasn’t stopped raining today. But I wrote it on Thursday when it was 35 degrees and I was sweating in my garden in an old t-shirt and pants because I’d run out of all my other loose, summer clothes, so it was either old t-shirt and pants or a dust sheet. And anyway it’s going to be hot again soon. So there.

The picture on this post was also taken in my garden, but I had to put on actual clothes for a photo shoot since it was to illustrate a piece I wrote for today’s You mag, the Mail on Sunday’s supplement. You can read it HERE. It’s super personal and lower on jokes than my usual pieces. Sorry. But writing it was cathartic and am enormously grateful and touched by the response and messages I’ve been sent. Thank you if you were one of them.