A double-column day

GOOD MORNING. Forgot to post last weekend’s column so you get two, today, you lucky devils. HERE is the one on the brilliance and wisdom of Lady Glenconner, former lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret and all round good egg. And HERE is yesterday’s column, on Etonians being very bad eggs.

I’m disappearing into the sound booth in half an hour to start recording the audio version of my forthcoming novel, Looking Out For Love. What this means is that I spend several days wearing comfy elasticated clothing (although tbf I do that most days, whether I’m recording a book or not), sitting for eight hours behind a microphone, reading my own words out while a poor sound technician in the adjoining booth has to listen to me read my sex scenes. Serves me right for writing them, really. Although there’s actually less sex in the new one, if that sells it to you? Anyway it’s out in FEB so you can listen to me read it then, if you like. Here’s a link.

Actually, on the subject of audio books, I listened to the first Thursday Murder Club book on Audible, read so beautifully by Lesley Manville. I bang on and on about how much I love Richard Osman’s series, but I do recommend listening to them if you’re in the car/pottering in the kitchen/commuting/have 62 credits to use up on Audible. I mean I recommend reading them too, but if you find it easier to listen to books, Lesley (she won’t mind if I call her Lesley) does it SO well.

And another recommendation, although a more brutal one: All Quiet On The Western Front on Netflix. It’s a German film, based on the original 1929 book, and among the most devastating (and graphic) depictions of war I’ve ever seen. Although I’d definitely watch it in German with English subtitles, rather than with the silly dubbed voices they’ve used. More authentic. I went to Twickenham on Saturday and drank 900 bottles of red wine, so it was quite an odd choice of film on a hangover. But extraordinarily powerful.