A long overdue update…

Sorry sorry sorry I’ve been properly crap with updating this in the past three weeks. Partly because I was away in America, partly because I’ve been manic with pre-book stuff, partly because my website is about to have a snazzy facelift so am slightly waiting for that before I put tons of stuff up. HERE is a link to my Telegraph page which has various bits and pieces.

All good though. Spent last week in a studio recording the audio version of The Plus One which I LOVED. I mean reading the sex scenes in front of the sound engineer was fairly excruciating (‘Could we just go back a line? I think we missed the ‘k’ of ‘cock”), but I’ve only got myself to blame for those.

Actually I found the process of reading it out loud q useful. Although there’s so much wine drinking in this one I think I need to tone it down for the next. My heroine is always picking up a bottle, putting it down again, picking up a glass, putting it down again, weeping into her wine glass and so on. A wine glass seems to be her adult dummy, almost as if I’ve based it on someone in real life.

The major excitement when I was in America (putting on 10 stone) is that my editor at Harper Collins emailed with a quote from Jilly Cooper about the book. I shrieked so loudly when I read the email at my laptop one morning that my boyfriend thought I’d had dramatic news from home. Having grown up reading her books, the very idea that Jilly would read something of mine is unreal.

There are a million other things I feel like I need to tell you but, also, I have a potential rat’s nest in my house – suspiciously yellow stains have started appearing on the ceiling just outside my kitchen – so I need to leave this cafe and go home to let the builder in. The glamour never stops.

Oh, final thing, have I put a link up here to my book on Amazon? Not sure I have, so HERE it is and you can preorder it if you like. Then it will arrive on your doormat on the very day it’s released – August 9th. I would be properly thrilled if you did (she says, in a slightly threatening fashion…)