A piece I’ve written for the Spectator and an update on freelance life

Freelance life week two:

Number of baths a day: 2-3.

Number of coffees a day in various West London cafes: eleventy billion.

Number of times I have put on an item of clothing which isn’t made of lycra: 2.


Very into freelance life, even though most days I’m so mad by 4pm I have to walk to the Nisa at the end of my road and pretend I need more loo roll just so I can have a conversation with the man behind the till.

Click HERE for a piece I’ve written for the Spectator about a dinner party I went to which genuinely descended into shouty chaos as we shouted over one another about what foodstuffs are Brexit and what foodstuffs are not.

(NB. If you’re throwing a dinner party and need someone to make up the numbers, just, you know, ask me. I may show up in leggings, frothing at the mouth after 43 white Americanos BUT I’ll get a bloody good Brexit debate going, I’m telling you.)