A quick thing about book covers

This is the book that I wanged on about in my last post. I have much enjoyed coming into work this week on the tube while reading it. Middle-aged businessmen have shifted slightly in their seats; women have narrowed their eyes at me.

It reminds me of my third year at LSE when I was studying World War Two. As part of the course, I had to read an enormous book called, simply enough, ‘NAZISM.’ It was black, with its title in BIG RED LETTERS on the front, above a picture of a vast red swastika. People on public transport generally looked a bit startled at that, too. Although to be fair, as I used to mince about campus in tracksuit bottoms, sparkly ballet shoes and pashminas, it definitely was a bit incongruous.

My colleague Tibbs read the below when it was published earlier in the year but wimped out and covered it with another book sleeve for travelling purposes. She doesn’t know how to live.