A thing about an excellent play

What are Tuesday nights for, if not to go and see quite an intense play set in Belfast about a man who believes his five-week-old granddaughter is Gerry Adams? Sounds weird, I know, but it’s called Cyprus Avenue and it’s on at the Royal Court for another three seconds. GO if you can, because it’s gripping and darkly funny, I promise, AND written by a super young playwright (35) called David Ireland. Quite important to know what a ‘fenian’ is before you go, because although the play isn’t terribly political the person I went with – who will remain anonymous – didn’t know and had to Google it.

It stars Stephen Rea (you know, the craggy, handsome one from War and Peace and Dickensian) who is excellent and made me lol several times even though he’s a total psycho. In the play, I mean. Not in real life.

Plus, it’s an hour and 40 minutes straight through without an interval (my best sort of play), so you’re out and back in the bar downstairs by 9.30. Grand, as those Fenians say.