A thing about Corfu

I’ve just come back from five days on the stupendously pretty Greek island and I can’t say much here, because I have to save all my amusing thoughts (!) for something top secret. But here are two things now:

1) I will be walking through London for the next 5-7 days gently sweating out garlic, because the Corfiots are awfully keen on it. So, apologies for that.

2) A history lesson: in the old days, the wealthiest islanders lived high up in the hills, where it was cooler and less prone to being attacked by invaders. Then, in the 1960s, tourism kicked in and everyone scuttled down to the coast, following the dosh. But yesterday, I put my Skoda in first gear and crawled up a twisty road to see Old Perithia, one of these abandoned villages. I didn’t see a single other person, but I had a happy walk among ruined stone houses, interrupted every now and then by a baying donkey – as proved by the pathetically amateur footage below. Look out, David Attenborough.