A thing about Phillip Schofield

Huge news. He is returning as Joseph in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I saw it for my birthday treat when I was eight and it kickstarted a violent crush on him. We listened to the tape in the car solidly for the next five or six years. Close Every Door to Me and so on. I vividly remember my brother Drum teasing me about this crush on Phillip and hitting him quite hard in retaliation.

In an interview to announce this news, Philip has been talking about dusting off his old kit. ‘I have the loincloth but I’m not entirely sure that would fit,’ he said (be still my beating heart). ‘I think I had a 26 or 27 inch waist then and it’s 30 now. It’s been in the wardrobe, tucked right up at the end. It’s not one of those things I put on even on my own or a costume party. I would be scared it would get a cigarette burn or wine spilled on it.’ Quite right, Phillip. I absolutely don’t think you should be going to the sort of parties where you might slosh some Merlot on your loincloth.

I also saw the Jason Donovan version (possibly for my seventh birthday treat a year earlier, which is faintly tragic), but I preferred Phillip’s take. More subtlety, more nuance. And, as the picture below shows, looks like he’s going to be subtle and nuanced all over again when the production starts touring the country later this month. Read more HERE.