A thing about Shakespeare

How to tackle the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we wondered at Tatler. There was going to be acres of coverage, obviously. Endless pieces by people droning on about what Shakespeare means to them, their favourite Shakespeare, their least favourite Shakespeare, why Shakespeare should remain part of the curriculum and so on.

The Guardian would do a piece about how King Lear and his descent into madness is actually a manifesto for social revolution. The Mail would do a piece headlined ‘Shakespeare: the SHOCKING TRUTH about his secret lovechild.’ Buzzfeed would do a quiz ‘What percentage Shakespeare are you?’ and so on.

So we did something comepltely different, comparing Shakespearean dukes to their modern day counterparts. You are so welcome. Read it HERE.


UPDATE TWO DAYS LATER: Call me a prophet (not *the* prophet. I’ll get in trouble for that) because I’ve just seen the below on Twitter…

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