A thing about The Crown

You may feel like you can’t read one more word about The Crown. I know you may feel this because I certainly do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. L-o-v-e it. Loved the dresses and Clare Foy and Matt Smith’s bottom and the episode with the smog which was all atmospheric. But there has been quite a lot written about it recently, hasn’t there? What with series two being announced and the official trailer being released and everyone shrieking about how they can’t wait for December when series two ‘drops’ on Netflix. Because that’s how we talk now – we say things ‘drop’ on Netflix.

But then, last week, the lovely Annabelle who runs Tatler’s website said ‘Soph, could you write a piece for us about series two of The Crown? A sort of ‘everything you need to know’ thing?’

And I replied: ‘Of course, Annabelle, I’d like nothing more,’ because that’s the sort of model employee I am.

It’s HERE.