A thing about the referendum result

I cried watching the news on my sofa this morning. I cried walking into work listening to Cameron’s resignation speech. All social media gags aside, what a properly sad day.

The thing is, I remember sitting round the kitchen table and discussing Europe at my grandfather’s house in Kent as a teenager. He was awarded the MC for his contribution to WWII and was the only officer in his company to survive it. He never really talked about it. Why would you, if you’d seen that many of your friends cut down while securing a bridge in Holland? But around that kitchen table, I vividly remember him saying, ‘We fought so that your generation would never have to go through it again.’ He was pro-Europe as a result, he said, because it was created in an effort to prevent further horrors. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but it was a noble aspiration which we have now binned in one night.

Obviously today is a day of extreme emotions and those of us who voted Remain are feeling apocalyptic about the whole thing. But I am particularly upset thinking about the above.