A useful thing for Sloanes about Valentine’s Day

Late to the party with this one but last night I had dinner at Rabbit, a restaurant on the King’s Road which I have been meaning to go to since it opened over a year ago. It’s the sister joint to The Shed in Notting Hill which I love largely because they dole out these things called lamb chips. LAMB CHIPS. Chips which are made of lamb. I mean have you ever heard of anything so delicious in all your life? Exactly.

They’re both run by three enterprising brothers who live grew up on a vineyard in West Sussex. Gregory went into farming, Oliver became a chef and Richard went into hospitality. Then they decided to join forces and start a business together. There was a slight run-in with the police last year when Richard was quite silly and waved a deactivated shotgun about on the King’s Road just outside Rabbit, but if you try the lamb chips you may forgive him.

Anyway, point being, Rabbit is ideal for the Sloaney boy who is panicking about Valentine’s day and isn’t sure what to book because he’s gone to Poule au Pot 36382 times already. Basically, it’s reassuringly ‘country’. Inside – all rustic wooden tables and exposed brick – there are bits of tractor and mounted foxes on the walls, things like woodcock on the current menu and they serve drinks in a glass shaped like a gumboot.


Drink me.


The food admittedly mostly comes as ‘sharing dishes’ (a phrase which should be abolished), which might make the male Sloane nervous that he’s not going to eat enough and go hungry. But that won’t be a problem because the menu is so un-believably good that you’ll want to order at least one of pretty much everything. And possibly two or three plates of lamb chips. Look, check out the menu HERE.