A very exciting Monday

Four weeks today I will be at Henley Literary Festival and I am pretty freaking excited about doing such a grown-up event. Last time I was interviewed in front of an audience by the lovely Jessica Jonzen she made me read *that* shower scene from The Plus One to kick the evening off. This warmed things up nicely. Lord knows what she’ll make me do this time. Please come if you live nearby! Or even if you don’t live nearby but fancy it anyway. Tickets are available from their website HERE.

And I also just found out that Apple AS IN ACTUAL APPLE has made What Happens Now? one of their books of the month and given me this lovely review. It’s slightly awkward that I’m an Android user and therefore don’t have the app you can’t get it from, but it’s on their Apple Books app and if you get the audio version you’ll hear my execrable Australian accent at the same time.