Another thing about my acting career

I know I’ve banged on a bit about my acting in the past couple of days, but it’s reminded me that I was in a proper film when I was 11. It was called The Ruby Ring and made by Hallmark. You know, the people who make those schmaltzy cards and have a TV channel that largely churns out American dross.

Hallmark were making this film near my house in Scotland, so auditioned various of us from school. I duly landed the part as the little sister of the main character, which involved three days filming not far from Loch Lomond. I am not kidding when I say it was the most exciting three days OF MY LIFE. Staying in a hotel in Glasgow, shuttling to set every day and hanging out with the cast, including Samantha Bond (Moneypenny, who played a scullery maid or something).

I’ve only ever seen the film once, because I was never sent a copy but our neighbours had allowed filming around their castle (not even joking) and they briefly lent me their video. Their VIDEO. This is how long ago it was. Anyway, turns out I’m not only the most appalling actress who would have been outperformed by an actual wooden spoon, but they’d dubbed my voice and given me a Geordie accent. Then, a few years later at boarding school, a v cool older girl came up to me in the dining room one lunchtime and asked if I’d ever been in a film.

Me [blushing]: ‘Erm, yes. Sort of. Ages ago.’

V cool older girl: ‘Oh right. Thought so. I saw it on Nigerian cable television in the holidays.’

So that was it really on the acting front. Although various of us from Vogue House are extras in the new Ab Fab film, out in July. So the scripts might start pouring in again after that I suppose.

Here’s a trailer for The Ruby Ring, although Geordie Soph isn’t actually in it. Sorry.