Back to business *rolls up sleeves*

Hoooooorah, thanks to the lovely and very patient computer genius Jo Loveridge, my website has been polished and updated.

It’s new and improved, with various bits and bobs about my books and links to various forms of social media. I’m determined to get back to my old ways and write a post on here once a week or so, wittering on about what I’ve watched on telly, or what I’ve read, or a link to something I’ve written.

Really glad I got that gap year tattoo

What’s happened over the past eight months that I can update you on? Well, in March I appeared on the cover of the Times Magazine waring a Barbour and a pair of knickers, holding a dachshund. Read the accompanying piece HERE. In April, I read THIS very brilliant book, Daughters of Night by Laura Shepherd-Robinson. Think Georgian society, murdered prostitutes, dodgy masked balls etc.

In May, I wrote a short item in my Telegraph column about Britain becoming a shoes off nation, which I’m proud to say sparked a torrent of letters debating the issue in the Sunday Telegraph letters pages which ran for several weeks. If you want a serious political debate, I’m probably not your woman. But if you’re after a furious row about whether you should take your shoes off or keep them on inside the house, step right up.

In June, the paperback of my most recent book, Did You Miss Me?, came out and I dressed as the Queen ahead of the Jubilee festivities, read the piece HERE. In July I went on holiday to Sicily and ate a spleen sandwich. In August, I had an exciting script meeting with the wonderful writer who’s currently working on the screenplay of my first book, The Plus One and I read THIS very wonderful debut which I highly recommend. In September, I went to Provence for a month to start writing book 6 because it’s partly set down there, although I did dart back to London on 96 French trains for 48 hours to do The Queue and see the Queen lying-in-state, and to be in London for her funeral. Oh and Country Life very kindly invited me to be a girl-in-pearls. Read about that HERE.

And now it’s October and I’m back in London, trying to avoid turning my heating on. So that’s about it. But do come back here every now and then if you fancy it and there will hopefully be fresh witterings.