A few bank holiday nuggets

1. I went to a family friend’s wedding on Saturday. She is fishing mad and her father built the fishing hut as a backdrop in the marquee, because that’s where her husband proposed in Scotland. Sweet no?

2. I’m trying to get my running fitness back up at the moment, so went for a quick trot round Richmond Park this morning with THIS guy. Like me, he was probably trying to dodge the 28482 bankers-turned-cyclists in the park who all steam round it like they’re doing the etape.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.11.09

3. I’ve got to do an interview with a German newspaper later on today about the Royal princess. As few people in the UK will be able to read it, I’m tempted to go a bit off piste and say it’s likely that she’ll become a pole dancer in later life. I think the Germans will like that.


*ovaries explode*