Beauty Lives podcast

Christ. I’m just back from supper in the local Norfolk pub where I sat and pretended to read my book while eavesdropping on the table next to me. Two fifty-something married couples and I’m not kidding when I say the men discussed their round of golf for, oooooooooooh, a good half an hour while their wives listened in silence. So even though I’ve just walked back to my house in the dark and am sitting here typing this in two coats before going upstairs to have a bath and crash out at 9.10pm on a Friday night BUT I’m feeling q cheerful that I don’t have to go home and listen to someone discuss the 14th hole in further excruciating detail.

Anyway, click HERE for the link to the podcast I did with the very wonderful Madeleine Spencer. It’s a lovely format which is *technically* about beauty and make-up but which meanders off into topics such as relationships… No talk of golf though, in case that alarms you. Happy weekends, all.