Bits and bobs

The final, bonus episode of Freezing Time went out last week. It’s all HERE if you want to catch up. Producer Hannah and I are now mulling over what we do next. I’m probably not going to do another round of freezing so I want to find another story/stories in this area. Please get in touch if you have one! I feel v privileged that so many people – women mostly but some men – have messaged me about their own freezing/IVF journeys. And I’m fascinated by the mitochondrial donor programme that Dr Choudhary talks about in the bonus episode. There are so many brilliant, brilliant people doing astonishing things in the world of fertility that I’d love to delve further into it. Here’s hoping.

After being useless at posting my Tel col for months while I made the podcast/finished my new book, I’m determined to get better again. So HERE’S last weekend’s.*

Talking of the new book, I’m delivering it to my editor two weeks on Thursday so I’m nearly there… It’ll be out next summer when hopefully we can go on holidays again, so another one for the sun-bed. IMAGINE BEING ON A SUN-BED AND DRINKING ROSÉ WITH YOUR CROISSANT AT BREAKFAST. Dreamy.

My new Christmas jumper is about my only other major news. It comes from a cool ethical place called Not Just Clothing if you’re in the market for one. Not sure who I’m going to show it to given the ongoing shambles about whether we’re going to be Tier 1 or Tier 900 when we come out of lockdown but it’s giving me a truly pathetic amount of pleasure at home.

*I lived in Scotland for eight years and love it really. I’m just really really bad at reeling so have been daunted by those sorts of holidays ever since I was a teenager.