I’m so sorry, I was too feeble yesterday to write anything. My launch party was on Wednesday night, then my actual publication day was yesterday (Thursday), and I think the adrenalin that had been coursing through my veins started wearing off yesterday afternoon. So I came home after an exceptionally jolly lunch with various members of my publishing team and and my agent Becky and got into bed for a snooze at 4pm. Although I forgot that Michael the carpenter was coming over to build a cupboard and, half an hour later, had to quickly get up and pretend I’d been working on my laptop in bed. Which would have been more convincing had my laptop not been lying on the sofa in the sitting room.

The past couple of days have been the dream. I can’t think of a more eloquent way of putting it. But they really have. And I am SO GRATEFUL to anyone who’s bought the book. I’m staying away from Amazon as I worry that if I see any one-star reviews I’ll obsess over those and not remember the lovely things that people have said. But just…THANK YOU.

Oh also if you have read it and do like it then please feel free to say so in the Amazon reviews. Apparently this is a great help. And if you’ve read it and don’t then, er, maybe just email me?! Always up for constructive criticism. I am so, **so** painfully aware that my name means people may loathe me from the start, and fair enough on one hand. I reckon I’d think I was a bit of a tit if I saw my name somewhere. But I also slightly think we should be beyond judging people based on their names these days. And apart from being the sort of idle toad who takes naps at 4 in the afternoon, I hope I’m a good egg.

PS. The tiara is plastic and was given to me by my publisher at the launch. Various people at the party asked if it was a family one from the safe and I did my Brian Blessed laugh. We don’t even own any tiaras.