Book news!

Very very very very (etc) EXCITED to be able to tell you that my next book is called…The Wish List. It’s what I’ve been working on in Norfolk for the past few months and it’s about Florence. She’s my 32-year-old heroine, a romantic who’s never been in love. She thought she was in love once with a third-year student called Rich when she was at university, but he turned out to be an a-hole. So when her step-sister gets engaged, Florence’s socially-ambitious step-mother declares it’s awfully ’embarrassing’ that Florence has never had a boyfriend and packs her off to see a love coach she read about at the hairdresser (in Posh! magazine, a little nod to anyone who’s read my first book, The Plus One.)

Gwendolyn the love coach makes Florence write a list detailing the qualities she’s looking for in her ideal man. Florence refuses to take this seriously and writes a joke list (‘no pointy shoes,’ ‘must like cats’, ‘no revolting bathroom habits’). Hilarity follows… I hope, anyway. There’s link to it HERE if you want to pre-order already, you madly keen but wonderful person. It’s out next summer in time for your sun bed.