COLUMN…and a little photographic treat

Click HERE for today’s column, about taking my friend into hospital to have her eggs frozen.

I’ve also had a slightly medical week, in hospital for a night for a quick operation. Nothing major but I have definitely looked better…

You’ll be pleased to know that yesterday, back at home, I treated myself to a shower, new dressings and washed my hair so I now look less like Medusa.

The best thing about a few days off has been that I’ve watched the entirety of my bro’s new show on Netflix, Death by Magic. Eight episodes, all between 30-40 minutes. Obviously am biased, but I watched with increasing awe – it’s such a winning combination of magic, humour and charm. And gripping, you want to watch the next episode, then the next, then the next… And there’s a v useful bit where Drum teaches you how to get out of a straitjacket, should you ever need such a thing. So HERE it is.