Cos: go there immediately

So I went shopping in Cos on High Street Kensington on Saturday morning, and I can report that it is currently EXCELLENT.

I go through love affairs with the Swedish store. Sometimes I go in there and think ‘All these clothes seem to be made for thin Scandinavian women who exist off pickled herring and like weirdly-shaped dresses in the colour of a muddy puddle.’

At other times, I have gone in there and thought, ‘Why have they made all these dresses in wetsuit neoprene? Is Stockholm wetter than Bangladesh?’

On the weekend, however, I went in and tried on 28292 things. Great, well-cut dresses, floaty skirts and long, silk shirts which could almost work as a dress so long as you don’t mind innocent bystanders getting a flash of minge every now and then.

In short, it’s a triumph if everything in your wardrobe is still a bit wintery and Scottish widow.