Day two in Yorkshire.

So yes, day two. More words written. Another walk, cows dodged, although I did slightly fear for my life when I came up against an angry sheepdog. Oh and I took a photo of these mushrooms so I could google them when I got back to the cottage. So that’s who I’ve become in two short days – the sort of person who photographs mushrooms. I’ll need help on the tube when I get back to London. I’ve already forgotten what an Oyster card is.

I reckon this is honey fungus, what a name. Imagine if your son came home and introduced his new girlfriend as that. Anyway, I’ve looked it up and, according to the Mushroom Appreciation Society, they are technically edible. The MAS, I don’t think they’ll mind if I call them that, says they have a sweet, nutty taste but can also be chewy and could cause ‘gastric distress’ because they do contain stomach irritants. So I think I’m going to give them a miss and have pasta for my supper.

Also HERE is my col from today’s Sunday Telegraph.