Early reviews…

I tend to click on links to reviews/blogs about my books with one eye closed because I am an inherently needy, insecure writer who fears the worst about my work. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I always feel conflicted about posting good reviews. It seems very showy-offy and arrogant. Compliment me, or another woman, about something we’ve achieved and the answer will often be incredulous. ‘What, me? Ha, total fluke I promise.’ India Knight wrote a v good col about this last weekend actually – click HERE for it.

I totally understand that fear, almost shame, of talking/writing/tweeting/Instagramming about one’s achievements. ‘Congratulations on your books!’ people say to me. And I roll my eyes and blush and stammer back ‘Oh thank you, but I’m definitely not going to win the Booker prize, or any prize,’ as if I have to do myself down, as if I shouldn’t seem too ‘uppity’, an especially grim word that’s been used to describe a certain woman in the press this week…

Anyway, I don’t mean to be too agonised or tortured about this. But I have had some lovely early reviews of What Happens Now? so I am going to post them [quietly] here and you can make of them what you will.

Click HERE for the Evening Standard one. And the others are from Red magazine, which am indebted to since this month is technically a books crime special but wonderful Sarra Manning has made an exception and included mine in the mix. And another piece from the very supportive Woman & Home. Super tickled to be in this since it’s their first month of book pages. Hoooooray.