Egg freezing

Some news: I’m going ahead with it, as I wrote in my Standard column yesterday (read it HERE). I was nervous about writing such a big declaration but have already been v touched by the replies and support. My piece yesterday includes the news that I am going to record a podcast of the whole process as I go through it: me, whimpering in a loo cubicle as I brace the needle. You’ll probably get sick of hearing me bleat on about this before long but I think it’s SO important that women no longer feel there’s a stigma surrounding it. ‘Oh Poor Soph, she can’t find a man so she’s resorting to this.’ No thank you very much, that sort of sentiment makes me want to scream.

It’s also an exciting time for all this since today the government has announced it’s investigating scrapping the 10-year limit for storing frozen eggs. All go on the frozen egg front, so stay tuned…