Season’s greetings. I hope everyone’s safe and well. I am, finally, feeling perkier again after Covid. Cor, it was boring though. I’m pretty lucky that I didn’t have it that badly, but swinging my legs out of bed every day and shuffling to the sofa still felt exhausting. Happily, I’m now boosted so what with that Moderna top-up, the previous two jabs and having recently had the frigging virus I feel like I should have the immunity of a superhero???

A little bit of light marketing: here is something I wrote about cancelling everything I was doing in London for the Times last week, as omicron freaked everyone out. (I filed the piece talking about a variant called ‘omnicron’, which is a bit like the time I called Covid Corvid-19. Lucky I’m not a science journalist).

And here is a link to my third book, The Wish List, which is currently 99p on Kindle. I believe the deal lasts until the end of December and the story includes a dodgy Tory called Rory if you haven’t had your fill of dodgy Tories recently.

Here is a link to all my recent Telegraph columns.

Ummmm, what else? As mentioned in my Times piece, I’m hopefully heading away for New Year in Sri Lanka. Although this all hangs on my PCR test at the Gatwick drive-through centre on Christmas Eve. A very festive activity indeed…

I hope you have a very happy Christmas and New Year, wherever you are, and much love from Crystal Palace X