It’s ouuuuuuuuuut!

HELLO. My new book, Did You Miss Me? , is out TODAY which means it’s high time for an update from me on here. If you’ve bought it and are one of the readers/reviewers/bloggers who has said nice things about it or messaged me then thank you so so SO VERY MUCH. At this time of year, around publication date, I think even my closest family and friends would agree I’m fairly unbearable to be around as so highly-strung and nervous about it, so hearing good things is very calming.

I feel like I have 3282 things to tell you all but, also, I went out last night to celebrate the book’s release with my friend Holly and we drank too much. It was a sort of Mayfair bar crawl which resulted in me falling into bed at midnight still partially dressed, so my brain isn’t *absolutely* operating under full steam today. Instead of words, can I offer you a few photos from the past day or so, as I tore around London in my subtly promotional t-shirt?

One of the more embarrassing moments in my life, and it’s not a small field, was yesterday in the big Waterstones (Piccadilly), which I dropped into on the off-chance they might have some copies of DYMM. It was the day before publication, so I assumed it would be too early. No! Look! There they were on the shelf! I squealed with excitement and then went off to find an assistant to ask if I could sign them, then made her take a picture of said signing. Apologies if anyone was in there, having a quiet lunchtime browse, and witnessed this performance. Apparently Neil Gaiman came in once and managed to sign his books without telling anyone or making a big song and dance of it, but there we go; some people are dignified and able to exercise self-restraint, others sadly can’t.