Last weekend’s column

Hello. How are we doing? I have been VERY ILL this week. Returned from a weekend at a spa in Dorset (staying in a treehouse! With a wood-burning stove! And a breakfast hamper left outside it every morning! Plus we drove there and back in a McLaren 520s!), but both my boyfriend and I fell sick within seconds of being back in London. So that’ll teach us for being so smug.

Two good things about being ill though:

  1. I lay in bed watching the new series of The Crown, which I’m enjoying maybe even more than the first series. OBSESSED with Claire Foy and how expressive her face is. OBSESSED with the sexy way they filmed the beginning of the relationship between Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones (there was an actual sex scene pencilled in apparently, but Vanessa Kirby, who plays Margaret, said they ultimately decided to be ‘respectful’ and not flash ‘Royal boob’.) Also OBSESSED with Will Keen playing Sir Michael Adeane (the one who shaves off his moustache), the Queen’s private secretary, who constantly has to deliver bad news with a sardonic tone and a waggle of his eyebrows.
  2. Two days of enforced fasting means I can fit into the jeans I recently bought from Topshop which previously left me unable to breathe properly and great red welts in my stomach. Those poor old Victorian ladies in their corsets. How did they do it?

Anyway HERE is my column from last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph.