Last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph column

Only four days late with this one. Read it HERE. Sorry. I am just stupidly manic atm juggling various pieces and doing final book edits. I couldn’t be more excited about my book (IT’S CALLED THE PLUS ONE I AM GOING TO BE BANGING ON ABOUT IT QUITE A BIT IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS) coming out in June, but it’s very strange how something can lurk on your laptop for two years, shape-shifting and twisting itself into something vaguely novel-shaped. But only you know about it. Only you know your characters and their strengths (and weaknesses) and only you know about the potentially terrible sex scenes you’ve written. And then – HURRAH – a deal is done and suddenly you realise that people are going to be reading these characters and these sex scenes and you slightly panic. The word vagina is a bit clinical for sex scenes, I think, but I refuse to use the ‘p’ word on the basis that I’m not writing a bad screenplay for a porn film. At least I hope I haven’t. You can be the judge of that IN JUNE DID I MENTION IT WAS JUNE?