Last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph column

It is now irrelevant because it’s about trick or treating, SORRY. But you can read it HERE. I’ve just had a busy week which has included, thrillingly, filming a pilot for a new Harry Hill Channel 4 show AND the Spectator’s Parliamentarian Of The Year Awards last night. This was quite a subdued occasion given that Fallon resigned seconds before the party kicked off and nobody in politics will make any sort of joke at the moment for fear of being carted off to prison. Although as Ruth Davidson said last night when she collected her award for ‘Parliamentarian Of The Year’, this week’s developments may mean a return to a more serious era of politics which, frankly, would be no bad thing. If it gets any less serious, parliament might as well move to the sea lion enclosure at London Zoo.

In other exciting news, I’ve also temporarily given up caffeine. I do this every now and then in a pathetic effort to detox. Although admittedly it’s not the most hardcore detox in the world because, as I write this, at my desk, I’m eating a scone which is wobbling with cream and jam and I’m about to go to the pub. Still, every little helps and all that.