More Freezing Time…

Right. I’ve moved house and am now happily installed in my new place in Crystal Palace. But this also means that I’ve been even worse at updates on here while I unpack 382 boxes/wait for the electrician/call out an emergency plumber/make the locksmith tea/untangle 900m wires from a box I should never have opened which had ‘TV stuff and wires’ written across it/try to work out how to set up my TV etc etc ETC.

So click HERE for a link to iTunes where you’ll now find episodes 1, 2 AND 3 of Freezing Time. If you’re one of the lovely people who’s listened and sent me a supportive message then thank you so so much. I’m trying to reply to everything because I’m so grateful but juggling this with moving house and untangling wires… I feel like I might be untangling wires for the rest of my life.

More soon (ish).