My new Standard column and a criminal photo of me

Couple of things.

  1. I wrote my new column in the Evening Standard today on the magnificence of the Lionesses ahead of their game against America tomorrow night. Read it HERE.
  2. I also had a piece in the Mail today, about a new gym studio launching in East London. It’s called Conbody and it’s all explained HERE. A properly awesome initiative. Please excuse the pictures of me. I trained with Pedro this afternoon as it happens (this is explained if you read to the end of the piece), and we both laughed at our photo faces. The directions for the photographer were that Pedro had to look ‘fierce’ and I needed to look ‘a bit worried’. So there we go. Also, I realised earlier that in my Standard column I say I was a chubby, unsporty youth and in the Mail piece I bang on about being an exercise junkie. Both are true. I realised about a decade ago that I could manage my intense greed – food, wine – by working out. I overcame a lifelong allergy to running/sweating/jumping/squatting/any form of exercise and am now a fully-paid up member of the lycra brigade who thinks it’s acceptable to go round to friends’ houses for supper in my leggings. ‘What are you wearing?’ says my friend Hugo, whenever he opens the door to me.