My one true love

Couple of things. Firstly, and I might have banged on about this before, but I am re-listening to my boyfriend* Eckart Tolle and the podcast series that he did with Oprah few years back. It was in conjunction with his book, A New Earth, and the podcast is 10-parts, one part per chapter of the book. I’m obsessed with this book. It’s made me circa 50bn times more emotionally aware than I used to be, but I’m always hesitant to use the term ‘self-help’ because I think people shy away or are slightly embarrassed about it, and I wish that wasn’t the case because frankly none of this stuff is taught in schools and we neeeeeeed it. I was about to try and describe the book’s main lessons so I looked up its Wikipedia page but that made me want to poke my own fingers into my eyes. I mean, would you read this:

An article in Success magazine describes A New Earth as a “self-improvement book” that encourages its readers to live their lives in each present moment and to create happiness for themselves without emphasizing material possessions.

Exactly. Ignore all that if you’re interested and just order a copy or listen to any of my boyfriend’s* podcasts to understand what it’s about. I’ve found it hugely helpful when my head is whirring and stuck on the same negative groove: why aren’t you this? Why aren’t you that? I started listening to it again this week to remind myself there is very little point in fussing about tomorrow or the day after that because that’s not where we are right now. It’s mindfulness really, but that’s another bad word which makes people stop listening. Oh just download a bit of Eckhart, he explains it better.

Secondly, I’m working on a project at the moment which means I’ve just watched the most brilliant and actually quite moving documentary about the debutantes of 1939, the last hurrah for various toffs before war broke out that autumn and everything changed. I appreciate this might not make your heart absolutely leap but I loved every second, especially the bits where the late Duke and Duchess of Devonshire interrupt one another about all the madly posh people they knew and whether Winston Churchill had more charisma than Elvis. If you’ve exhausted Netflix I v much recommend. It was made for the BBC in 2001 but you can watch it HERE now.

*He isn’t my boyfriend really but I quite wish he was because he is the dream, communicative man.