My Times cover

Hi team. Exciting weekend because I was on the cover of the Times magazine, having written a story about my five years at Tatler. Click HERE for the link and some embarrassing photos of me dressed as the Queen. So weird Claire Foy was cast over me in The Crown. Anyway, was especially psyched to be on the cover next to Donald Trump. Bigly psyched, as he might say.

Also click HERE for my Sunday Telegraph column in which I have a helpful suggestion for sleeping better.

In other news, The Plus One (my book, I am going to start calling it by title so you all learn it) went back to HQ yesterday, line edits and final fiddles all done. I panicked that it needed a *tiny* bit more sex and added a last-minute rude scene, you’ll be pleased to know. It’s now being sent off for proofs to be printed. Yikes.

Oh and also I just made some potato cakes for my lunch from leftovers, and promptly blistered the roof of my mouth by eating them too quickly. So the ups and downs of freelance life continue.