My Times piece…

Blimey. Quite a day yesterday because I wrote about broodiness in lockdown for the paper which you can read HERE. No grumbling about the paywall, please. If you register you can get a couple of pieces a week free anyway, I think.

Apparently the comments underneath are grim but I never read them so that’s too bad for the gloombuckets who’ve decided they know better about what I should do with my ovaries. I have, however, received various messages and emails from people saying supportive things. Hopefully I’ve come back to most of them to say thank you?! Sorry if I haven’t yet but I really am grateful. If it helps even one other woman feel less ashamed about being on her own or who’s mulling over the same options then GREAT. I also received many, many offers of sperm from various men on the internet so thanks to you guys too for your extremely kind offers, but will probably go down more official channels.

I cited a book on Twitter yesterday which I read a couple of months ago on this topic and LOVED. It’s called In Her Own Sweet Time by an American called Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, all about her *journey* from a single woman to single parent. Reading about it was a bit like reading about myself and it made me feel much stronger about potentially doing it alone. My copy now has more pages with folded-over corners than not so I can go back and find the best bits and there was one line in particular which I’ve quoted a million times. It’s something like ‘you have forever to find someone but not forever to have a baby.’ And that’s kind of where I’m at now. V much recommend if you’re thinking about any of this stuff too.