Some news, as people coyly say on Twitter. I’ve signed a new two-book deal with my wonderful wonderful publishers, HQ. You can read about it HERE. Having looked at mother-daughter relationships in The Plus One, and then examined what a father looks like in What Happens Now? (OUT IN THREE AND A BIT WEEKS HAVE YOU PRE-ORDERED IT?), I decided I wanted to look at sisters. Thus the Cinderella mention. So that’ll be out next summer and then the fourth one the summer after that. I hope you like them. I hope I keep making you laugh.

I’ve started writing the third one and am the stage where getting to 90,000 words feels a fairly overwhelming but I’m going away this weekend for a while, and then I’m moving to Norfolk from the start of September until the end of November to immerse myself in it. I’ve found somewhere to live with a garden that drops down to the sea and am currently having fanciful ideas about swimming every morning to pump the circulation and make me feel ready for a day behind my laptop. I give this regime a day at most.