New website help!

Quick question – I need to update this website. I haven’t for years and there’s loads of old stuff on here, I only mention my first book, and I want to give the whole thing a face-lift. (So it’s a quick question with a long preamble.)

The question is does anyone know anyone who could redesign it for me? Given that I recently tried to sort out my Gmail inbox (circa 27352511 unread emails) and deleted every email I’ve ever been sent since 2007, I feel like I probably shouldn’t do it myself. If YOU are a website designer or know of one, could you let me know? [email protected]

Couple of other things. I recently wrote an essay for a just-published book called Unattached, pulled together by the writer Angelica Malin. The Guardian gave it a very lovely review this weekend (HERE) which was exciting and explains what it is far more succinctly than I could do. I’m super proud to have been included in the line-up and if you fancy it, you can get it HERE.

And HERE’S a piece I wrote for the Times last week about point-to-points, pegged to the Camerons’ appearance at one recently.

THANK YOU for any website tips and love from Cape Town X

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