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So I moved house in September and my back promptly went and I REALLY don’t want to sound like one of those people who bangs on about their bad back because it’s extremely boring but good GOD when you actually have a bad back it’s agony, no? Having moved and finally sorted myself out with a proper desk and proper computer having always previously written while bent over my laptop like a question mark, all I wanted to do was sit down and finish my new book. But my back was so sore I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t stand very easily either. I couldn’t lie without it hurting. I’d roll over in the night and whimper like Walter the Softie. The only thing that helped was walking and so many packets of Nurofen that the Sainsbury’s self checkout kept bleeping at me. I went to an osteo, I went to a chiropractor, I went to a different osteo, I had an MRI scan and anyway, long story short, I’m fine again now but have mostly been sitting here, at my desk, for 23 hours a day working on book 4. It has a title! But I’m not sure I’m allowed to reveal it yet so stay tuned. Also, top tip if you ever have a bad back: put your pants and your trousers on lying down. I had to do that for a week because I really couldn’t bend over, but at least lying down meant I could get dressed every morning.

Jesus. Backs. Who’d have ’em?

Anyway, episodes of Freezing Time have been coming out every week since I was last on here. There’s one more on Thursday and then, thrillingly, a short bonus episode the week after that. Click HERE for a link to them all. If you’ve listened and heard my bad jokes thank you SO much. If you’re one of the women who’s messaged me about it, thank you even more. I’ve tried to reply to everyone because I always feel like if someone takes the time to get in touch then the least I can do is reply. So I hope nobody’s slipped through the net. I’ve been so bowled over and encouraged by the number of women emailing/messaging about it, and saying it’s been helpful. That was the whole point of me making the podcast in the first place so am v chuffed if it’s been useful/any sort of comfort.

I’m sure there’s a million other things I should be updating you with on here (have you all watched The Queen’s Gambit? Have you read the wonderful Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers? Have you ordered my mum’s new marmalade book for someone’s Christmas stocking?), but I need to crack on with writing the book. Although if I’m really honest it’s also nearly drinks time in London so I’m going to crack a bottle. But I will [hopefully] be better at posting again on here once I’ve finished it X