Phew what a scorcher etc etc

Quite hot in London today. You will probably have noticed from the hysterical headlines. Or from the fact that your tube journey into work left you thirstier than a Libyan boat person.

What was cheery, though, was the scene at the Serpentine swimming club this morning. For 364 days of the year, it’s so cold there’s mist steaming off the lake and I jog past thinking ‘Who are these oddballs wearing those ABSURD swimming hats and doing their lengths through the bird poo?’

But this morning, there were thin people, fat people, hairy people, old people all thrashing around like crazed ducks and having the most marvellous time. I was a bit jealous. I quite wanted to jump in and thrash around too. But I didn’t, you understand, because of the hats.